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It would be a shame to be deleted...

Despite my lazy moderation of this community, I think it would be a shame if it were deleted.

So! This is just to say that the author, Judson Roberts, moved to an Oregon farm last year and has been consumed with farm-related things, but is still most determined to finish his fourth book in the Strongbow Saga. You can read his life and writing updates here.

Orson Scott Card praises Viking Warrior!

Something that's long been hoped for and finally happened - an endorsement from Orson Scott Card (of Ender's Game and all that) for the first book of The Strongbow Saga, Viking Warrior!

I'm especially happy that Card opens the review with a rant about how terribly Viking Warrior (and the rest of the series) has been marketed. It's all too true.  If you've read and liked the book, please spread word around - HarperCollins won't finish the series unless sales increase.  And in case you didn't notice, it's definitely not finished with the third book, The Road to Vengeance.  Halfdan's just started on that road.

Card's review is the third part of that long post, so I've cut it here for ease (and record purposes).

Some books are so badly misplaced in the bookstore that you have to wonder: What were they thinking?Collapse )

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